ISCVImpuesto Sobre Circulación de Vehículos (Guatemalan vehicle tax)
ISCVInstitute for the Study of Civic Values (Philadelphia, PA)
ISCVIdle Speed Control Valve
ISCVIrish Setter Club of Victoria (Australia)
ISCVIslamic Society of Central Virginia
ISCVIntelligent Systems and Computer Vision (engineering program)
ISCVIntra-System Coefficients of Variation (drinking water regulation)
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(2) Complex Systems Institute of Valparaiso, ISCV, Valparaiso, Chile
On the international front, VASSA was invited to be the southern African chapter of the International Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (ISCVS) in 1993 after extensive lobbying by Hymie Gaylis and Lewis Levien over many years.
Community of Science (COS) has announced that its proprietary Web site publishing system has been successfully implemented for two medical societies, The American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) and the Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS) and its sister organization, the International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery (ISCVS).