ISDDInstitute for the Study of Drug Dependence
ISDDinteractive software design and development
ISDDInformation Systems and Demilitarization Division (Hughes Technical Services Company)
ISDDInter-Symbol Decision-Directed
ISDDIncoming Start-to-Dial Delay
ISDDInformation Systems Design and Development
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Modified dosing metrics that account for the diffusion and sedimentation properties of the nanomaterials in the media were generated using the ISDD model (see Supplemental Materials (2) for additional details and discussion).
In vitro Sedimentation, Diffusion and Dosimetry Modeling: ISDD simulations suggest that the delivered dose at the bottom of the exposure vessel is time and treatment dependent (Table S6).
SIMONE WHITE, Nicholas Dorn is Director of Research and Development at ISDD, Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence, London, where he co-ordinates a study supported by the European Commission on administrative measures in drug policy.
1991), `MDMA/Ecstasy: New Wave of Drug Use', Drug Misuse in Britain: National Audit of Drug Misuse Statistics, London: ISDD.
Enlvement, transport et stockage en ISDND des mchefers non valorisables, des refus de criblage des mchefers, des rsidus de balayage de voiries et en ISDD des rfioms.
Planing floor drain out - planing 4 cm thick: 2735 m2 planing floor with evacuation - planing 0-10 cm: 5900 m2 - planing 0-20 cm: 785 m2 - above 20 cm planing: 565 m2 - localized milling asphalt: 200 m2 Other services - transportation and evacuation of planed materials ISDD (Waste Storage Facility Dangerous): T 160 - impregnation floor: 4830 m2 - gB class 0/14 3: T 231 - gB class 0/14 4: 230 T - bonding layer: 11890 m2 - BBSG class 0/10 3 1575 T - 2 0/6 BBTM class: T 191 - purges confection GB 0/14: 100 m2 - purges confection coating GB 0/14 + 0/10 BBSG 700 m2.
This is setting up a tonnage commitment to the market for transport and treatment of hazardous waste by burial in ISDD or ISDND for EDF and its subsidiaries in France.
Benefits include: feeding and withdrawal of facilities and resources, destruction of wild plants, sorting before discharge materials, loading and transportation to landfill and appropriate treatment facility, waste materials ISDI, waste materials ISDND, materials evacuation ISDD, development DOE eealisation trenches and barricades for securing, peripheral bunds construction.