ISDMSIntegrated Surveillance and Data Management Services
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Because iSDMS allows one to measure the rates of protein synthesis and degradation simultaneously, it is therefore possible to determine the dynamics of protein expression in VPS4B-depleted cells in response to EGF.
Toward gaining a more thorough understanding of the consequences of altered EGFR signaling caused by VPS4B dysfunction, we developed an iSDMS method to identify changes in the protein synthesis, degradation rates, and dynamic protein expression, in breast cancer SKBR3_shVPS4B cells.
Due to the sensitive of our current iSDMS analysis, we were only able to examine the dynamic profiles of those proteins with [t.sub.1/2] > 2 hr.
Here we have presented an approach, iSDMS, for the direct measurement of protein degradation and synthesis, as well as relative protein expression levels in SKBR3 cells with downregulated VPS4B expression.
Warfield presented the law of requisite variety, which requires a match between the dimensionality implicitly represented in an information system and the dimensionality encompassed in ISDMs (Warfield, 1990).
There has been considerable discussion centered on the integration of SSM and various functionalist ISDMs. The MULTIVIEW method represents an example for bringing together soft and hard approaches to ISD.
As a practicing example of systems methodology, using SSM as a base, two ISDMs -- the MULTIVIEW and FAOR methods -- have emerged which attempted not only to apply SSM in ISD in a systematic manner, but to include insights from other methodologies.
Information Systems Development Method (ISDM) and Software Engineering