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ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNIntegriertes Sprach- und Datennetz (German)
ISDNIthaca Swing Dance Network (online database; Ithaca, NY)
ISDNInternational Subscriber Directory Number
ISDNInstitute for the Study of Developing Nations
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With ISDN, data move an order of magnitude faster--128 kbps.
From Company headquarters in Miami, President and CEO Eugene Rosov said "we are moving ahead to offer BellSouth services for ISDN throughout the nine-state region.
The new arrangement allows Talk Visual to offer its customers, including purchasers of the TV225 videocalling equipment, with exceptionally low-cost ISDN lines.
Our complete line of easy-to-use ISDN solutions continues to attract the attention of the world's leading telecommunications giants," said Peter Brojde, President and CEO of Eicon Technology.
FrameSaver ISDN Dial Backup systems are a critically important element in ensuring optimization of Wide Area Network availability, because while frame relay networks are reliable, they can experience failures on occasion.
ECI Telecom's Network Termination solutions have become extremely popular amongst leading service providers who aim to rapidly deploy sophisticated ISDN services within their countries.
Acotec RAC ISDN permits companies to increase their workforce productivity while simultaneously reducing ISDN calling costs.
ISDN allows the assignment of virtual numbers to each channel that at the same time can be used for outbound fax traffic when needed.
The easy-to-use ISDN pricing tool will enhance the customer experience when using the ARESCOM web site," said Kevin Dunetz, Vice President of Telco Express.
This means that fax software providers supporting the Dialogic CP line will not need additional development to move from one analog line to 30 ISDN PRI lines.
While working with ISPs like EarthLink Network (Pasadena, CA) and MindSpring Enterprises (Atlanta, GA), the NIC learned that a key inhibitor to ISDN growth was the lack of easy access to nationwide information on ISDN pricing and availability.