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ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNIntegriertes Sprach- und Datennetz (German)
ISDNIthaca Swing Dance Network (online database; Ithaca, NY)
ISDNInternational Subscriber Directory Number
ISDNInstitute for the Study of Developing Nations
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ISDN signaling is defined as per the ITU-T Q.921 / Q.931 standards.
By removing costly ISDN lines and routing call traffic over a data network instead, you no longer have to pay for ISDN line rental which in turn can save up to 50% on line rental expenditure.
Steve Smith, senior partner at Murphy Salisbury, said: "This successful deal will be of great benefit to both Worldwide ISDN and Bluebell Telecom Group, as well to each company's respective clients."
The small percentage of Batelco customers, who are still using the DDI services, have been recommended to switch to the ISDN service, which is supported by Batelco's state-of-the-art Next Generation Network (NGN).
Ilacsiz veya ISDN ile uyarilmis "tilt" tessi sirasinda senkop veya senkop Oncesi bulgulari olmayan hastalarda ise test ne gatif olarak kabul edildi.
ISDN was introduced about ten years ago as a low-cost dial-up alternative to the X25 permanent connection; at the time, it offered savings for lower-volume users connecting to the Customs CHIEF computer via CCS-UK.
Additional ISDN services such as DDI (Direct dialling into PBX extensions), MSN (Multiple numbers), Caller-ID, Trunk hunting and Trunk grouping, provides an IP-Telephony solution which fully replaces existing ISDN lines.
Humphrey says setting up the videoconferencing was simple, as he had already programmed the ISDN numbers and only had to plug in the ISDN lines, one S-video cable and one audio cable for the outbound signal.
So, ISDN need not be prohibitive as long you ask your telecoms provider the right question: 'Can I have a fixed cost ISDN solution which is not dependant on the amount of data downloaded, nor incurs telephone charges while I'm connected?'
"Legacy ISDN networks in the US have been neglected by vendors for too long and were in danger of being forced down an unnecessary 'end-of-life' path because of a lack of renewed innovation in the industry," said Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream.
ISDN, on the other hand, is a digital technology and it is possible to send data at 64kbps.
The tally of mobile phone subscriptions in Japan outnumbered that of fixed-line phones, including those for integrated services digital network (ISDN) services, as of March 31 for the first time ever, the government said Friday.