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ISDN BRIIntegrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Interface (also seen as ISDN-BRI)
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In addition to GPON and Active Ethernet, Zhone's MXK will also provide Telecom Namibia with POTS, ISDN BRI, ADSL2+, VDSL2, G.SHDSL.bis with EFM capabilities.
The YTD423, the heart of the board, is Yamaha's high performance LSI for ISDN BRI user network interface function that includes Layer 1, Layer 2 and HDLC for 2 B-channels.
One component, Multilink PPP, allows two 64 Kbps B channels of an ISDN BRI line to be combined into a single 128 Kbps channel.
This auto-provisioning standard primarily deployed for access modems, is now available on any type of low density VoIP gateways: 2-24 analog adaptors, ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI gateways, ensuring single, standardised provisioning available across all platforms.
comMATCH's leading Duet 6001 product that natively supports ISDN BRI connectivity adequate for SOHO/SMB organizations, is now enhanced with Duet 6001P delivering the same feature-rich IP telephony service to larger business customers via PRI links.
or international videoconferencing system via a single, dual, or tri ISDN BRI line.
According to the company, the partnership includes analog telephony cards (4-, 8- and 24-part analog cards) and digital telephony cards (single-, dual- and quad-span T1/E1 cards and ISDN BRI cards).
Each device was connected via an ISDN BRI link (both B channels being implemented) to our local ISP.
According to Verizon, Chevy Chase Bank uses its frame relay service as the platform for wide and local area data connectivity, with ISDN BRI as a backup, with the company's main sites connected via a custom SONET ring.
Application options include ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI, Frame Relay (PVC/SVC/VoFR), BERT, and x.25 for both monitoring and simulating.