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ISDN BRIIntegrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Interface (also seen as ISDN-BRI)
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Developed according to the Microsoft[R] Exchange[R] Server 2007 Unified Messaging specifications, the Dialogic 3000 Media Gateways are the ideal solution to connect ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) PSTN lines or PBXs to Microsoft Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging environments, or other SIP based applications that require ISDN BRI connectivity.
For increased I/O flexibility, the SSG 140 has four WAN I/O expansion slots that support optional T1, E1, ISDN BRI S/T and Serial connectivity.
Featuring ISDN BRI support, advanced call handling through TAPI, and a new application console for call routing and management, VBVoice 5.
The unit's ISDN BRI port enhances survivability by providing automatic dial back-up if the T1 connection is lost.
Optional Dial Backup Interface Modules (DIMs) prevent network downtime using either ISDN BRI or analog modem technology to dial around a failed primary circuit, protecting mission critical applications.
In addition to the enhanced version of the PurePacketNode(R) carrier network platform, Integral Access announced a new model in its portfolio of complementary Integrated Access Devices (IAD) -- the four port ISDN BRI PurePacketOUTburst(R)-Sx4.
comMATCH, the pioneer IP-to-PSTN access gateways provider, and innovaphone, the leading VoIP-specialist, announced today the success of interoperability tests, enabling telecom operators to offer new innovative connectivity solutions for business customers connected via ISDN BRI or PRI links to IP H.
RAD's IPmux line of TDMoIP (Time Division Multiplexing over IP) Gateways provides simple, cost-effective and easily scalable solutions for transporting TDM-based T1/E1, T3/E3, analog voice and ISDN BRI services over IP and Ethernet Networks.