ISDN PRIIntegrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (also seen as ISDN-PRI)
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The ISDN PRI service from Etisalat is used to make multiple inbound and outbound voice calls.
SSR 710 2 10Base-T; 4 WAN serial & 2 ISDN PRI $6,995 Aug.
Etisalat 's Unlimited STD plan for its ISDN PRI customers will give unlimited talk time 24 x7 within UAE for only Dh39/month/channel for 10 channels, Dh34/month/channel for 20 channels and Dh29/month/channel for 30 channels.
The only 'all-in-one' multimedia solution on the market today, SURFAce-812 delivers data, voice and video processing as well as transcoding and E1/T1 ISDN PRI signaling on a single board.
He added, "GL's ISDN Analyzer can capture and analyze all frames on an ISDN PRI link.
The solution allows employees to make and receive Skype calls from their regular office phone and can support up to 30 concurrent Skype calls using E1 ISDN PRI or up to 23 calls with T1 ISDN PRI.
The XDSL5000 provides the services of a two-line T-1/PRI or E-1/PRA central office switch, emulating end-to-end, real-time ISDN PRI calls, handling procedures without a switch or PBX--eliminating the variables and problems of telephone company lines during testing and demonstrations.
This auto-provisioning standard primarily deployed for access modems, is now available on any type of low density VoIP gateways: 2-24 analog adaptors, ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI gateways, ensuring single, standardised provisioning available across all platforms.
COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR ISDN PRI, QoS performance enhancements and full global management system software support are now available.
The AN-30-PRI lAD is targeted at midsized and larger businesses, and features one digital ISDN PRI connection, one 10/100 ethernet LAN connection and two high-speed serial V.35/X.21 FR/HDLC service interfaces.