ISDN PRIIntegrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (also seen as ISDN-PRI)
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SETU VTEP is compact and scalable up to 32 IP channels, with various call control features and superior voice quality provides cost-effective migration to VoIP and ISDN PRI networks.
Etisalat Aaes Unlimited STD plan for its ISDN PRI customers will give unlimited talk time AaAa 24 x7 within UAE for only AED 39/month/channel for 10 Channels, AED 34/month/channel for 20 Channels and AED 29/month/channel for 30 Channels.
Etisalat 's Unlimited STD plan for its ISDN PRI customers will give unlimited talk time 24 x7 within UAE for only Dh39/month/channel for 10 channels, Dh34/month/channel for 20 channels and Dh29/month/channel for 30 channels.
NEW YORK -- Virtual Console, LLC, a global provider of telecommunication and testing products, expands its line of small-office equipment by introducing ISDN PRI Call Recording Appliance and Four Analog Line Appointment Reminder.
The system incorporates an intuitive, user-friendly GUI interface running on Windows XP and offers multiple interface options, including ISUP, ISDN PRI, and BRI.
Diva Server SDK incorporates all Diva Server telephony boards for analog, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI and E1/T1 digital telephony interface as well as Diva Server SoftIP, the host-based media processing software for H.
Alarm types include ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI, T1, IP interface, and system resources such as SMDR, power supply, and CTI link disruption.
Any type of Diva Server adapter - Analog, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, or E1/T1, can work together in the same server.
In line with Omantel efforts to introduce innovative products that satisfy the different needs of corporate customers, Omantel Business the enterprise business arm of Omantel - announced the introduction of a new feature to the Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface, better known as ISDN PRI.
729 coder/decoder (CODEC) support, a notch filter to remove beep (warning) tone recording indicators during conversation playback, digital T1/E1 trunk-side tapping support using ISDN PRI signaling, analog trunk- and line-side tapping, and the ability to configure the CallParrot application server software on the Microsoft(R) XP operating system for small, cost-sensitive installations.
With integrated, SIP-based control of SS7/C7 Intermachine Trunk (IMT) and ISDN PRI links, and customizable XML scripting, the ONX delivers enhanced voice services across all networks.