ISDN-PRIIntegrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface
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The Enterprise Telephony Management System (ETM), version 5.0.1, is a voice firewall and management platform that supports H.323, SIP, Tl-CAS, ISDN-PRI and analog telephony traffic.
In this application, each Auditor Card terminates four D4 T1 trunks and originates four ISDN-PRI trunks while supplying the required translation of signaling and call progress tones.
The sensor appliances are available in T1, ISDN-PRI and 12-line analog versions.
Tenders are invited for provide one (1) 23 channel isdn-pri two-way circuit for incoming and outgoing voice traffic, and 2 analog telephone lines per location.
PC-based RAS systems handle high-density remote access traffic from both T1-RBS (V.34, V.34 Plus) and ISDN-PRI connections up to 64 Kbps per channel.
Gateway videoconference (ISDN and PSTN audio) ISDN-PRI 2 port - 1 piece.
Depending on the number of LAN conferencing users, the WAN interface should be able to handle multiple ISDN-PRI lines, and to grow easily as a user's needs evolve, Pignatello adds.
Tenders are invited for T1 and/or ISDN-PRI Services Northern Virginia Area Codes 571 and 703.
Additional services that Globe delivers to J&J Philippines consist of E1 ISDN-Pri services, which facilitate fast and clear transmission of voice and data, and TxtConnect SMS broadcast facility, which J&J Philippines utilizes as an internal communication tool.