ISDPIndustry Standard Discovery Protocol (computing)
ISDPInternational Society for Developmental Psychobiology (San Antonio Texas)
ISDPInformation System Development Process
ISDPInternational Society of Dermatopathology (Half Moon Bay, CA)
ISDPInstitute for Security and Development Policy (Stockholm, Sweden)
ISDPIndependent Social Democratic Party (Germany)
ISDPInnovative Software Direct Products Plc (London Plus Market)
ISDPI See Dead People (gaming clan)
ISDPIntegrated Ship Design and Production (Intergraph CAD software)
ISDPI See Dumb People
ISDPIndustry and Science Development Program (Canada)
ISDPInformation Systems Design Plan
ISDPInmate Subject to the Death Penalty
ISDPIPTV Services Delivery Platform (Cisco)
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1991) proveniente del proyecto ISDP, que es una version ligeramente diferente a la traducida al espanol por Benet-Martinez y John (1998), a las diferentes lenguas de los paises participantes por el metodo de traducir y traducir de vuelta (translation and back-translation).
Several participants also spoke with the Queen about how they benefitted from the different aspect of the program and the workshops they have attended at ISDP.
28) 'Rapport over de SKBI', by the ISDP, Batavia 21 Oct.
But their response to our questions about the ISDP was quite strange.
The ISDP was the precursor of the recurrent Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).
So it is natural that ISDP chose only to contact organizations that are working inside the country and not those toiling with the marginalised in the peripherals or in Diaspora.
The director of the Joint Economic Council and co-chairperson of the ISDP, Mr Raj Makoond, and a resource person from the National Computer Board (NCB), elaborated on the ISDP which aims at promoting training and on-the-job placement among unemployed youth and university students with a view to making them become employable.
Upgrades remain compliant with current commercial file formats for word processors, spreadsheets and file viewers, as well as the Intergraph ISDP ship modeling software.
Driven by ongoing use in both new ship construction and life-cycle support, refinement of ISDP and its ongoing integration with Intergraph's Asset and Information Management / Ship Information Repository (AIM/SIR), an enterprise data management system, provides users with an integrated, data-centric tool that is immediately available and capable of meeting military requirements for ship design and production.
ISDP is a ship design software suite that provides a common product data model for use by all engineering disciplines associated with the ship.
ISDP provides a toolset to build a 3D ship product model, test for interferences and conduct virtual walkthroughs prior to construction.