ISDPIndustry Standard Discovery Protocol (computing)
ISDPInternational Society for Developmental Psychobiology (San Antonio Texas)
ISDPInformation System Development Process
ISDPInternational Society of Dermatopathology (Half Moon Bay, CA)
ISDPInstitute for Security and Development Policy (Stockholm, Sweden)
ISDPIndependent Social Democratic Party (Germany)
ISDPInnovative Software Direct Products Plc (London Plus Market)
ISDPI See Dead People (gaming clan)
ISDPIntegrated Ship Design and Production (Intergraph CAD software)
ISDPI See Dumb People
ISDPIndustry and Science Development Program (Canada)
ISDPInmate Subject to the Death Penalty
ISDPInformation Systems Design Plan
ISDPIPTV Services Delivery Platform (Cisco)
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If approved, it would be Taiwan's first ISDP, and only the third in Asia, after South Korea's Yeongyang Firefly Eco Park and Japan's Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park.
Under the ISDP scheme, Muga farming is being implemented in West Khasi Hills and West and North Garo Hills, whereas Mulberry is being grown in Jaintia Hills and Eri in Ribhoi district.
Se empleo la version en espanol del BFI (John et al., 1991) proveniente del proyecto ISDP, que es una version ligeramente diferente a la traducida al espanol por Benet-Martinez y John (1998), a las diferentes lenguas de los paises participantes por el metodo de traducir y traducir de vuelta (translation and back-translation).
Several participants also spoke with the Queen about how they benefitted from the different aspect of the program and the workshops they have attended at ISDP.
(28) 'Rapport over de SKBI', by the ISDP, Batavia 21 Oct.
Find out if you're paying too much for your connection by comparing ISPs at, enlisting the help of the ISDP wizard at or checking the recommended top 10 at
Harel (1991) engaged fourth-grade students as software designers in their Instructional Software Design Project (ISDP).
Ardhianie: Together with the farmes themselves, we monitored the Integrated Swamps Development Project (ISDP) -- a project financed by the World Bank.
The table reports the mean monthly non- welfare money income, mean monthly total money income, and mean monthly total resources (money income plus the market value of in- kind subsidies) for non-elderly multiple-program participants (participants in two or more of the AFDC, Medicaid, food stamps, and housing programs) in the United States based on the (sample weighted) means for such participants found in the first two rotation groups of the 1979 Income Survey Development Panel (ISDP).(5)
The SIPP, which began in 1983, was preceded by an 8-year development program--the Income Survey Development Program (ISDP).