ISDSInvestor State Dispute Settlement (international trade)
ISDSIndividual Sewage Disposal Systems
ISDSInternational Sheep Dog Society (UK)
ISDSInformation Systems and Decision Sciences
ISDSIntegrated Service Delivery System
ISDSInternational Serials Data System (UNESCO)
ISDSInternational Society for Disease Surveillance
ISDSInteragency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics
ISDSIntelligence Shared Data Server
ISDSInformation Systems Defense & Space
ISDSInternational Switched Digital Services
ISDSInvitation to Submit Detailed Solution (EU)
ISDSInformation Screening and Delivery System (US Navy)
ISDSIntegrated Shipboard Self Defense System
ISDSIntelligence Support Display System
ISDSInformation Screening and Display Subsystem
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This Joint Declaration is an acknowledgement of public concerns about ISDS.
Countries that prohibit DTCA have sought to neutralize the impact of pro-DTCA provisions through the clever use of language (as in the case of AUSFTA and the TPP), but the combination of these provisions with ISDS presents new risks.
Second, what interests should be taken into account in ISDS cases
weakening regulatory standards more than ISDS (although, concerns with
The truth is that by ratifying this CETA Agreement we shall be committing Cyprus to all of the evils of the TTIP, including the ISDS.
ISDS president Eirian Morgan attends another meeting in the Dudley Arms, and (right) assesses the trials course at Tyfos with Gwynfor Owen
The inclusion of ISDS will mean governments cannot, or will not, legislate for change for fear of being sued --we have already seen this occur on the issue of tobacco plain packaging in Australia.
Philip Morris sneakily did this by invoking an ISDS clause in an old bilateral free trade agreement struck between Australia and Hong Kong in 1993.
Bell, now nine years old, was not a dog originally registered by the ISDS but qualified on merit.
However, I was not aware that, at times, my ISDS membership money may have been utilized against my own profession.