ISDSCInter-State Defence and Security Committee (South Africa)
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Another priority agreed on by the ISDSC is the building of capacity of African institutions for early warning.
This is shown in how very much less frequently its coordinating committee, the ISPDC, has met in comparison with its sister body dealing with defence sector issues, the ISDSC within the OPDS (Van Schalkwyk and Cilliers, 2004: 109).
This limits the level of cooperation of the ISPDC and heightens the role given to the ISDSC.
3 In order to ensure effective conduct of peace support operations the ISDSC established a Regional Peacekeeping Training Centre in Zimbabwe.
Manage the effective implementation of the Aliens Control Act of 1995, Activation of the structures of the ISDSC to provide for regional intelligence and security co-ordination.
On 27 October 1999 an extraordinary ministerial meeting of ISDSC and the SADC Council of (Foreign) Ministers, issued a recommendation reiterating that the OPDS should be considered to be part of SADC and that it should report to the SADC Summit.
The ISDSC is an institution where ministers responsible for defence, home affairs, police, state security, intelligence and immigration can meet to discuss issues of mutual concern.
The main functions of the defence sub-committee of the ISDSC are as follows:
Zimbabwe has also been approached by the ISDSC to co-ordinate peacekeeping training and education in the region.
the ISDSC Intelligence Sub-Committee initiative on organised crime at the Maputo Seminar on Organised Crime held during March 1998.