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ISEInternational Securities Exchange
ISEIndustrial and Systems Engineering
ISEIrish Stock Exchange
ISEInformation Sharing Environment (US government sharing of terrorism information)
ISEIdentity Services Engine (Cisco)
ISEIstanbul Stock Exchange
ISEIon Selective Electrode
ISEFraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (German: Fraunhofer Iinstitute for Solar Energy Systems)
ISEInformation Systems Engineering
ISEIntegrated Scripting Environment (Windows PowerShell)
ISEIn-Store Experience
ISEInternational Society of Electrochemistry (est. 1949)
ISEInternal Server Error
ISEInstitute for Science Education (various locations)
ISEInformation Security Executive (awards)
ISEInteractive Software Engineering
ISEInformation Security Executive
ISEInternet Service Engine
ISEIp Services Engine
ISEIndustrial Software Engineering
ISEInformation Security Engineering
ISEIsapi Extension
ISEInvalid Size Expression
ISEIntegrated Service Environment
ISEInternational Society of Ethnobiology (Bristol, VT)
ISEInternational Student Exchange
ISEInstruction Set Extension (computer engineering)
ISEIndependent Security Evaluators
ISEInternational School of Estonia
ISEIntegrated Software Environment (programmable logic design tool in electronics industry)
ISEIntelligent Storage Element (computing)
ISEIslamabad Stock Exchange
ISEIstituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi (Italian)
ISEInstitute for Social Ecology
ISEInstitute for Shipboard Education
ISEIt's So Easy (Guns N' Roses song)
ISEIon Specific Electrode
ISEIntelligent Synthesis Environment (NASA)
ISEIn-Service Engineering
ISEIntegrated Support Environment
ISEInternational Submarine Engineering Ltd.
ISEInternational Student Edition (books)
ISEInternational Symposium on Electrets
ISEIntegrated Synthesis Environment
ISEIntegrated Square Error
ISEInternational Sales Europe (Hewlett-Packard)
ISEIntegrated Summary of Efficacy (new drug investigation)
ISEInformation and Software Engineering (various schools)
ISEIndependent Safety Evaluation
ISEIngeniero en Sistemas Electrónicos (Spanish: Electronic Systems Engineer)
ISEIselton (Amtrak station code; Isleton, CA)
ISEIntegrated Shipbuilding Environment
ISEInternational Source for Ergonomics (Canada)
ISEIntelligence Support Element
ISEInternational Sign Expo
ISEInstitute of Slovenian Ethnology (Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
ISEIntegrated Storage Elements
ISEInformation Systems in Education
ISEInternet Services Engine (Cisco)
ISEImproved Seed Enterprise
ISEIntermediate Support Element (US DoD)
ISEInformation Security Evaluation
ISEIntegrated Switching Element
ISEIntensive School of English and Business Communication
ISEInput Signal Equalization
ISEIdeas in Science and Electronics, Inc.
ISEIncorporated Self Employed
ISEInstrument Systems Engineer
ISEIntegrated Space Experiment
ISEInhibited Spontaneous Emission
ISEIndependent Ships Exercise
ISEIntegrated Station Executive
ISEInitial Support Element
ISEInstallation Site Engineering (Ciena)
ISEIndividual Ship Exercise
ISEIntercept System Environment
ISEInternational Space Explorer
ISEIrish School of Economics
ISEInternal Speed Expansion
ISEIntegrated Ship Electronics
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ISE is founded on the principle that technology and competition create better, more efficient markets for investors and consists of an options exchange, a stock exchange and an alternative markets platform.
The ISE Stock Exchange is a completely automated market place that offers high-speed order execution capabilities, a competitive pricing structure, and neutral access rules.
Gary Katz, ISE's Chief Operating Officer, said, "When we launched the Second Market, we anticipated that it would appeal to market makers, such as DC Trading and Monadnock, who specialize in this niche of the options market, and we are glad to welcome them as new ISE members.
The ISE Stock Exchange is an all-electronic, Regulation NMS compliant trading system.
Orders sent to the ISE Stock Exchange's fully-displayed market benefit from three levels of order protection.
The ISE Stock Exchange's introductory product, MidPoint Match[TM], a continuous, anonymous platform for trading equities at the midpoint price of the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO), debuted in September 2006.
ISE plans additional listings and expects to include approximately 800 options classes in the Second Market by the end of January 2007.
The ISE Stock Exchange will be fully compliant with Regulation National Market System (Reg NMS).
In addition, as part of ISE's Reg NMS compliance plan, the ISE Stock Exchange will utilize a single-purpose broker-dealer (SPBD) to access other markets.
Through an intuitive browser application, ISEE Select enables subscribers to identify investor sentiment for individual securities or select industry sectors based on a unique calculation methodology that uses proprietary ISE opening customer trade data.