ISEASInstitute for Southeast Asian Studies
ISEASInterim Student and Exchange Authentication System (US State Department)
ISEASItalian School of East Asian Studies (Japan)
ISEASIndiana Special Education Administrators' Services
ISEASInternational Symposium on Electronic and Atomic Structures
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ISEAS is an effort to develop a novel form of agriculture, producing food and energy products on traditionally non-arable desert land irrigated with seawater.
With the capacity to use seawater that comprises 97 per cent of the world's water supply, ISEAS has potentially high sustainability potentials in a water-constrained region, he said.
At Masdar City, under the ISEAS pilot project an experimental facility will be setup which will have six aquaculture farms, where seawater will be used to grow fish, shrimps to be partly fed by meal from halophyte, plants that love saltwater.
Kleinen and Osseweijer's book is the fourth in a series from ISEAS that has focused primarily on modern piracy in Southeast Asia.
At the same time, we welcome ISEAS Fellow Benjamin Loh and ISEAS Research Associate Rebecca Ye to the editorial team.
Professor Chia Siow Yue, as director of ISEAS, opened the proceedings with the prediction on the Asian financial crisis that `the worst is over'.
It was serendipity that most of them happened to be working in Singapore at the time when my colleague at ISEAS, Dr Russell Heng, mooted the idea of this special focus issue.
Implementing agency : ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute
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