ISEIInternational Society on Early Intervention
ISEIInternational Symposium on Electrical Insulation (IEEE)
ISEIInternational Society for Ecological Informatics (Adelaide University; Australia)
ISEIInternational Society for Educational Information (Japan)
ISEIIntegrated Science Education Initiative (St. Lawrence University; New York)
ISEIInstitute for Systems Engineering and Informatics (Ispra, Italy)
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But the lead was to not last long as Bernie Ibini Isei sent a strong left-footer past shot stopper Khalid Eisa following a long cross from Bakary Kone from the left, on 18 minutes.
He was later joined by Isei -- who got the equaliser for Emirates Club -- and Bani Yas's Conde as both teams dropped valuable points in their opening round matches.
We proceeded to conduct the following sensitivity analyses: In the 1st step we adjusted the final regression model additionally for ISEI and household income.
TOTAL ISEI (MEDIA) 36,95 47,38 41,50 42,67 (15,42) (16,42) (16,86) (16,74) WEALTH (MEDIA) -0,64 -0,23 -0,47 -0,19 (,65) (,74) (0,71) (0,70) PARED (MEDIA) 11,79 12,85 12,25 10,85 (3,92) (3,17) (3,65) (4,08) CULTPOSS (MEDIA) -0,36 0,44 -0,02 0,17 (,88) (,77) (0,91) (0,86) HEDRES (MEDIA) 0,55 -0,12 -0,36 -0,07 (1,04) (,92) (1,01) (0,90) HOGARES BI- 80,85 71,85 77,91 91,20 PARENTALES (%) RESTO DE ESPANA VARIABLES DEL INMIGRANTES NATIVOS ENTORNO FAMILIAR 1a GEN.
Mullikin acquired CPI-Colorado in 2013 (CPI Colorado) and the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence in 2014 (ISEI).
This classification was then transformed into "International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status" values (ISEI [40]) to provide a status measure for each occupation.
Grado: Doctor en Ciencias en Economia, otorgado por el Instituto de Socioeconomia, Estadistica e Informatica (ISEI) del Colegio de Postgraduados (CP), Montecillo, Estado de Mexico.
Assim, para aplicar o ISEI a realidade brasileira, foi necessario converter os codigos das ocupacoes da CBO 2002 (Classificacao Brasileira de Ocupacoes, 2002), referentes a ocupacao atual do entrevistado e a ocupacao paterna quando o entrevistado tinha 15 anos de idade, para a classificacao do ISCO 88 e, posteriormente, para a escala de Ganzeboom (26), dando origem a onze classes sociais (Quadro 1).
Nakamura et al., "Breakdown voltage of interelectrode gap between sphere-plane electrodes under ac voltage," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation (ISEI '10), San Diego, Calif, USA, 2010.
Stewart, "Comparisons of discrete wavelet transform, wavelet packet transform and stationary wavelet transform in denoising PD measurement data," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation (ISEI '06), pp.