ISEMITA (Instrumentation Technology Association) Standard Experiment Model
ISEMInternational Symposium for Electromachining
ISEMInternational Society of Environmental Medicine (professional organization)
ISEMInternational Society for Ecological Modeling
ISEMIntegrated Space Environmental Model
ISEMInternational Symposium on Experimental Mechanics
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All animal experiments were reviewed and approved by the animal welfare committee at ISEM.
The ISEM roll of honour shows that Dubai had actually improved from their third place finish last year.
Doe Run Peru will accept its ISEM trophy at the close of the International Seminar of Mining Security, which recognizes mining and metallurgical companies with the highest industry marks in the National Mining Security Contest.
The Mexican Government plans to install six Apollo Systems for the Mexico City Government Health Services, four Digital Apollo Systems for the ISSSTE (Government Workers Health and Social Institute) and eight Del RAD Systems for the ISEM (Health Services for the State of Mexico).
Last year, Dubai was named the third best sports city in the world after London and Melbourne at the end of the annual Sixth ISEM Awards at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, London.
As part of Paceon's demonstration of Network Management, the company will also show the benefits of ISEM (Integrated Service Element Manager) and Paceon help desk training.
Paceon ISEM is the key element needed to provision, monitor and test passive optical network elements from a user friendly GUI and from an operator's OSS," said Bill Shank, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Paceon.
The ISEM product significantly increases Global MAINTECH's Internet capabilities by monitoring and testing the key services of Internet and Intranets, including email and Internet web access, to ascertain that they are working and that they are remaining available.