ISEQIrish Stock Exchange Quotient
ISEQInstitute of Soil and Environmental Quality (Newark, DE)
ISEQIrish Stock Exchange Equity Overall Index
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The worldwide stock market crash caused Dublin's ISEQ index to drop more than 3.
Yesterday afternoon Ireland's ISEQ had fallen by 1.
The board of directors of investment management company ISEQ Exchange Traded Fund plc declared on Friday a half-yearly dividend of USD0.
6% on the London ftse index and 4% on the ISEQ yesterday.
The ISEQ index of Irish shares closed down 55 points to 2,701 points.
At one stage, the Dublin ISEQ index was down 65 points, while London's FTSE fell below the crucial 5,000 mark for the first time this year.
Dublin's ISEQ index of shares slumped by five per cent, largely fuelled by the banking downturn.
The ISEQ index of Irish shares closed just under four per cent down this evening, after another day of yo-yo trading on world markets.
The unprecedented move to stave off takeover bids and boost investor confidence saw Irish stock soar again in markets yesterday and the ISEQ index gained two per cent.
The ISEQ index of Irish shares was down almost five per cent despite the US rescue of insurance giant AIG.
For a second day running Irish financial institutions took a battering on the ISEQ - the Irish Stock Exchange.