ISEQIrish Stock Exchange Quotient
ISEQInstitute of Soil and Environmental Quality (Newark, DE)
ISEQIrish Stock Exchange Equity Overall Index
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In particular, the Cholesky decomposition has the following order: EPU, log(ISEQ index), interest rate, log(employment), and log(industrial production), the VAR results--impulse response functions--suggest that a policy uncertainty innovation equivalent to the actual EPU increase of 70 points from 2004 to 2006 and 2009 to 2011 is associated with an estimated decline of 0.5% in the Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ).
In this survey, each item from the ISEQ is rephrased to assess the experiences of students.
The broader FTSE All-Share Index climbed 0.6 per cent yesterday, while Ireland's ISEQ Index gained 0.9 per cent.
By the close of trading, the ISEQ Overall Index had gained 0.34pc, or 9.25 points, to close at 2,755.14.
The five Irish banks quoted in the Irish stock exchange index ISEQ value only 2% of they used to value in 2007, according to Bloomberg.
Avolon, an Ireland-based company offering aircraft leasing and lease management services, has announced the leasing nine aircraft to Ryanair (ISEQ: RYA) (LSE: RYA) (NASDAQ: RYAAY), an Ireland-based low cost airline, and AirAsia Berhad (KUL: AIRASIA), a Malaysia-based airline company.
When Nicholls sits at home in Ditcheat and logs on to, Wall Street should take note, the ISEQ index should sit up.
The Irish ISEQ Overall index slipped 0.9% to 2,904.9.
Irish bond yields were expected to remain elevated, but Ireland's ISEQ index gained 0.7 percent.
10.30 (480m): Nyla Fantasy, Bunnow Iseq, Raisby Boy, Steeple Rd Kirk, Vicarage Eze Eze, Elwick Warrior (W).
More generally, the ISEQ price index fell far more than global stockmarket price indices during 2008, such that foreign portfolio equity investors in Ireland would have suffered more negative returns than Irish investors in foreign portfolio equity assets.