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ISERInstitute of Social and Economic Research (University of Alaska Anchorage)
ISERInstitute for Social and Economic Research (University of Essex; UK)
ISERIntegrated Site Edge Router
ISERInternational Symposium on Experimental Robotics
ISERInternet Special Education Resources (directory)
ISERInternational Society for Eye Research
ISERiSCSI Extensions for RDMA
ISERIntegrated Safety Evaluation Report
ISERInformation Systems Equipment Room
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With ATTO xCORE hardware acceleration and ATTO SpeedWrite technologies, XstreamCORE ET 8200 facilitates tape writes that are 20% faster than direct-attached SAS, allowing data backups at up to 4800 MB/s using iSER and 2500 MB/s using iSCSI to 16 tape drives.
In this context, one might also hint at Wolfgang Iser's notion of "negativity" as "an unlimited negating potential" in a text brought forward in his Acts of Reading (1978).
Although representing an unprecedented level of penetration by the Islamic State into the Philippines, as well as wider Southeast Asia, the ISER is the latest in, and is linked to, a long line of Islamic militant groups to have emerged in that state since independence.
Prior to joining the FDA, Iser spent seven years in the pharmaceutical industry managing quality systems.
iSER is an industry standard protocol that uses RDMA technology to eliminate the network processing overhead, while preserving full compatibility with the widely used iSCSI protocol.
ISER itself was another key player in the movement.
After the initial creation of PO[P.sub.0], the ISER for each logic gate and the total SER of G will be evaluated for [X.sub.i] .
From Booth's implied reader, I move towards Wolfgang Iser and his The Reading Process: A Phenomenological Approach.
Wolfgang Iser's implied reader, perhaps the most famous of all reader constructs, would find different aspects to be of interest in the Smollett passage than our construct of the embodied reader.
The Midrash did not feel restrained by the limits Iser suggests.