ISESCOIslamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (Morocco)
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Chairman of the Department of Tourism and Antiques of the country Mai bint Mohammad al-Khalifa, General Director of ISESCO Abdulaziz Osman Alwiwieri and President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmad Mohammed Ali Al-Madani noted the importance of the city of Muharraq in the development of the Islamic civilization at the event held under the patronage of the King of Bahrain.
On his part the General Director of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO, dr.
Earlier, al-Mulki met with Twejery and discussed with him means of cooperation between Jordan and the ISESCO.
The Sultanate has been one of the leading countries in supporting the efforts of these organizations, including ISESCO, aiming to achieve the humanitarian objectives of the organization.
The event was jointly organized by COMSATS, ISESCO and PAS with over 150 participants from around 20 R and D institutions and universities from across Pakistan.
Amina remarked ISESCO Centre for Promotion of Scientific Research (ICPSR) has been focusing on helping member countries achieve the MDGs by 2015 through promotion of innovative scientific researc has stipulated in its threeyear action plan.
During the meeting, Basindwa was briefed on the agenda of Islamic Heritage Committee's meeting which is organized by the ISESCO in cooperation with the Culture Ministry and the capital Secretariat with the participation of a number of Member States.
ISESCO described as racist the Israeli treatment of detained children that was mentioned in a report by UNICEF that said Palestinian children are exposed to practices considered "cruel, inhuman or degrading".
The two sides discussed the preparations of Sharjah as capital for the Islamic Culture and the preparations of ISESCO to take part in the celebrations, especially the arrangements of setting up the Virtual University in Sharjah.
In a communique issued at the 6th ISESCO ministerial meeting in Khartoum, Sudan, the member states condemned the Israeli attacks as a brutal and inhumane act," Iranian Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology for International Affairs Arsalan Qorbani announced.
Hosted by the Royal Scientific Society, COMSATS' Centre of Excellence in Jordan, the event was second of the series of workshops that are being jointly organized by COMSATS, ISESCO and INIT in their common member countries in order to train IT professionals to collectively address network issues and challenges related to information and internet security.
In addition, ISESCO condemned the decision taken by the municipality of occupied Al Quds whereby Al-Aqsa Mosque is considered as a public place.