ISETTInformation Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies (South Africa)
ISETTIndiana Supported Employment Training Team (Indiana University; Bloomington, IN)
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Clair, Rebekah, Hicks, Diana, and Isett, Kimberley R.
Isett President Kevin Campbell said Lewis has helped the company expand its service offerings and client base in Central Pennsylvania.
PSM has been linked to important work-related outcomes (Castaing, 2006; Wright, Christensen, & Isett, 2013); however, few researchers have examined the relationships between PSM and commitment to change.
La organizacion administrativa puede estar constituida por una sola persona (que se le denomina coordinador o facilitador), o puede ser una organizacion formal que consta de un director ejecutivo, personal y consejo que operan desde una oficina fiscal distinta (McEvily & Zaheer 2004; Provan, Isett, & Milward 2004).
"There is a single question before the FCC: whether the material broadcast by Fox and other networks violated federal broadcast decency law -- period," said Dan Isett, director of communications and policy for the Parents Television Council.
In addition to Spilhnan Farmer, other project team members included Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., construction manager; Lehigh Valley Engineering, electrical engineer; Barry Isett and Associates, structural engineer; and McTish, Kunkel 8, Associates, civil engineer.
Isett and Provan [44] Lack of involvement by managers in Steenbakkers et al.n [45] collaborative efforts.
Dan Isett, PTC's director of public policy, said that MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children.
g Dan Isett, the PTC's director of public policy, said: "MTV continue to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate twerking [a sexually suggestive dance] in a nude-coloured bikini.
Previous empirical research into the behavior of street-level bureaucrats has focused on several distinct occupational areas, including law enforcement, nursing, front-line welfare workers, and teachers (Isett, Morrissey, & Topping, 2006; Lipsky, 1980; Maynard-Moody & Musheno, 2003; Riccucci, 2005; Vinzant & Crothers, 1998).