ISFBInstitut Supérieur de Formation Bancaire (French, Swiss bank)
ISFBIdea Site for Business (website)
ISFBInternet Solutions for Business (UK)
ISFBIncredibly Strange Film Band (band)
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"Gozi ISFB is a banking trojan that has been used extensively by attackers who are targeting organizations around the world.
Once the dropper is working, Nymaim can download the other pieces, in this case, the Gozi ISFB.
When the Gozi ISFB is running, dynamic web injects interact with the user browser, adding additional fraudulent contents.
Nonetheless, when the ISFB submitted an altered version of the report over one year later, the Commission accepted it as the "definitive" version, and destroyed copies of the final draft of the report accepted in March 1997.
And equally, if the Commission was satisfied with the March 1997 final draft of the scientist, it should not have unquestioningly accepted the revised version of the ISFB from 1998.
"The new GozNym Trojan is the combination of Nymaim and Gozi ISFB, a previous version of Vawtrak, also used to attack banks," Pablo de la Riva Ferrezuelo, CTO and founder of buguroo, a threat intelligence startup spun out of Deloitte's European Security Operations Center, said.