ISFCInternational Society and Federation of Cardiology
ISFCInternational Systemic Functional Congress (various universities)
ISFCIrish Specimen Fish Committee
ISFCInternational Short Film Conference (est. 1970)
ISFCIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
ISFCIrina Slutskaya Fan Club (skater)
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Affordable and available in easy installments In an attempt to make quality products affordable to schools that would help them in improving the quality of education in their schools and gain competitive edge in the Neighborhood, ISFC and Anim Graphix New Media Pvt Ltd have joined hands to unlock the imagination and potential of school kids.
Ask Indira Kilaru, Founder of "Veda, The School", the first borrower from ISFC.
David Kyle, the CEO of ISFC, and other company officials were not available for this story but those who have dealt with the lender say school borrowers, besides meeting credit and collateral requirements on average loans of Rs 12 lakh, are required to be able to demonstrate project management skills needed to use and repay borrowed loan capital effectively.
With delegates from Tribal, local, state, federal along with 32 countries already registered, the ISFC will provide a platform for public health officials and community stakeholders to come together, to network and exchange preparedness and response efforts.
In 2008, Gray Ghost Ventures and Caspian Advisors collaborated to launch the ISFC in Hyderabad as a first step in addressing the education needs of low-income families in India.
The comparison between an engine operation without and with direct water injection is shown in Figure 4 and Figure 5 regarding the ISFC (top) and MFB50 (bottom).
The rather high CR allows for a lowest ISFC of 207 g/kWh at the border of the not knock-limited load area.
Referring to high load cases, the averaged ISFC levels (labelled as "CCV") are compared in Figure 24.
showing the ISFC variations for a sequence of instantaneous cycles as a function of the corresponding peak pressure position.
If the fuel consumption between 20 MPa and 50 MPa injection pressure is compared at PN optimal injection timing, the ISFC can be reduced by about 2,5 % with the 50 MPa system.
If the ISFC optimal injection timing of 20 MPa and 50 MPa are compared, only a small reduction in fuel consumption with the higher injection pressure can be obtained.
2, a slightly higher IMEP could be achieved coupled with lower ISFC (almost -5 g/kWh) at constant [NO.