ISFCInternational Society and Federation of Cardiology
ISFCInternational Systemic Functional Congress (various universities)
ISFCIrish Specimen Fish Committee
ISFCInternational Short Film Conference (est. 1970)
ISFCIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
ISFCIrina Slutskaya Fan Club (skater)
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They are defined as the best compromise between ISFC reduction and Combustion Noise increase compared to the reference combustion.
After the calculation of the cases, the optimization-related parameters were extracted from the simulation data, including ISFC, soot, N[O.sub.x], MPRR, PCP and other combustion related parameters.
* [T.sub.IVC] and EGR were the most important input variables affecting ISFC as a result of their direct impact on the amount of oxygen present in the in-cylinder mixture.
To learn more or order the iSFC SFP transceiver with built-in fault-finding micro-OTDR, visit Optical Zonu's website at or call (818) 780-9701.
Affordable and available in easy installments In an attempt to make quality products affordable to schools that would help them in improving the quality of education in their schools and gain competitive edge in the Neighborhood, ISFC and Anim Graphix New Media Pvt Ltd have joined hands to unlock the imagination and potential of school kids.
Ask Indira Kilaru, Founder of "Veda, The School", the first borrower from ISFC. When permission from the state education department to have Veda's students directly appear for Class X exams got delayed, it had to lower its enrollments for the subsequent batch.
Figure 13 shows the ISFC reduction rate of BDI-assisted HCCI with discharge timing of-315 deg.
Metrodata's already powerful FCM9004 and FCM9002 Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs) now offer automatic detection, location, and reporting of optical fiber faults when one uses Optical Zonu's patent-pending iSFC transceivers.
The ISFC profiles highlight reductions from about 8% to 12% compared to the reference cases.
Sharma was recruited by ISFC to increase the growth trajectory and penetration of the company, and replaces interim CEO Harish Mamtani.
in [4], where isfc values of about 220 g/kWh were detected at 110 kW/l, 4800 rpm and [p.sub.rail] of 2500 bar.