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ISFETIon-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor
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ions) serve to be the input to the ISFET sensor and the output in the range of millivolts, which is then further amplified.
ISFET is mostly used in circuit with constant current source connected to drain.
The electronics, which are embedded in the probe and are powered by a replaceable battery, convert the ISFET and temperature signals to match the glass pH electrode signal at the measurement temperature.
Commenting on the signing of the agreement with Roche, DNA Electronics Chairman and CEO, Professor Chris Toumazou, said, "We have always believed that ISFET semiconductor technology will play a significant role in the future of life science and healthcare markets.
A ambas se les determino el pH utilizando un potenciometro marca DeltaTRAK, modelo ISFET pH101(EUA).
Durafet III is a solid state pH electrode based on Honeywell's well-proven ISFET (Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor) technology.
Due to ISFET technology, it is also claimed to be ten times faster than glass electrodes.
Users can select a basic glass meter, which can be used in various lab and field applications, or the ISFET meter, for applications where a glass-free environment is necessary.
This ISFET probe is more durable than the thin glass membrane of traditional pH sensors, eliminating the risk of product contamination from a broken bulb.
The meter uses ISFET sensor technology that contains several proprietary layers deposited selectively on a silicon chip substrate.
0 is a modular instrument for pH, conductivity, ion concentration and ISFET with a graphical backlit display, clear text menus, data management and flexibility for professional measurements and calibrations.
The meter accepts traditional glass electrodes and non-glass ISFET technology pH probes.