ISFRInternational Society for Fracture Repair
ISFRInternational Symposium on Feedstock Recycling (annual conference)
ISFRIn-Situ Fabrication and Repair (NASA)
ISFRInformation Systems Facility Record
ISFRInternational Society for Fluoride Research, Inc.
ISFRIntegrated Star Formation Rate (astronomy)
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Referring to the enormity of the task of preparing the State of Forest Report, the Minister said, Work has already started for preparing ISFR 2019.
Mohamed Azmi Omar said, "By focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa, we hope that this issue of the ISFR will satisfy a long-felt need for adequate and relevant information that will help towards instituting an enabling environment for the Islamic social finance sector in the region.
The total green cover (FTC) of Delhi, as per ISFR, 2015, is 20.