ISFSInvasive Species Forecasting System (US NASA and USGS)
ISFSInformation Security and Forensics Society (Hong Kong)
ISFSInternational Student and Faculty Services (Oregon State University and Ohio University)
ISFSInterim Spent Fuel Storage (nuclear energy industry)
ISFSInterim Support Fund for Somalia (UN)
ISFSInternational Spent Fuel Storage
ISFSInternal Skeletal Fixation System (orthopedics)
ISFSIndependent School Fees Solutions Ltd. (UK)
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He wants all ISFs here to have dignity by owning their own lands," she said.
Cloud State University START Spring 2014 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University CABL Spring 2015 University of Colorado Boulder BASS Summer 2015 University at Oswego, State University of New York ARTSE Summer 2017 Columbus State University SEAR-MAR Fall 2017 Millersville University and others Project ID Facility EDUCT MISS CWEX ISFS BaSE CaMP 1/11 MISS START UWKA CABL ISFS/GAUS BASS CSWR pods ARTSE ISFS SEAR-MAR UWKA Table 2.
It was under Maleki's watch that the Safawi-dominated IAF and ISFs in the resource-rich province of Ninewa and its capital Mosul dropped their US-supplied weapons and fled as ISIS advanced there from the north-east of Syria in June 2014.
Isoflavones (ISFs) are a group of phytogenics classified as phytoestrogens because of their similarity in structure and function to natural intrinsic estrogens (Whitten and Naftolin, 1998).
The function of this proposed body would be to study the feasibility of relocating the capital and for the creation of "mass housing projects for informal settler families (ISFs)," according to a government ( press release.
Through improved railcar condition monitoring, these technologies have the potential to reduce equipment-caused derailments and in-service failures (ISFs), train delays and variability in mainline operations, and operational waste in railroad terminals.
Cisco has announced its participation in Qatar Centra Bank's third annual conference for Information Security in Financial Institutions 2016 (ISFS 2016).
It retained its structure in June 2014 despite their maginalisation by then Safawi PM Nuri al-Maleki, when the Mosul units of the IAF and ISFs fell apart.
When ISIS began invading Ninewa province in June 2014, members of the Iraqi Armed Force (IAF) and security system (ISFs) - mostly Shi'ite Arabs commanded by then Safawi PM Nuri al-Maleki - just dropped their weapons and fled.