ISFSFInterim Spent Fuel Storage Facility
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The aim of this work is to estimate the radiological impact on the terrestrial non-human biota based on long-term data of radionuclide activity concentration in the top soil layer in the whole territory of Lithuania emphasizing the designated area for the ISFSF.
The ISFSF and near-surface repository for redundant materials and waste will be located directly near the current INPP facilities.
(a) INPP geographical location, (b) The regional level map with marked INPP, ISFSF locations and outlined NATURA 2000 border (EU Council Directive 1992)
to design, construct and install the complex of systems and equipment, necessary to pack the spent nuclear fuel into the special containers, to seal them and to transport them from the units to the ISFSF.
the containers with the spent nuclear fuel will be transported to the ISFSF;