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The proposed ISFT algorithm for OS-BSAR is based on the linearization of the 2D spectrum phase factor.
Here based on the residual error analysis, we will give the limitations of the proposed ISFT algorithm.
This is the limitation of the algorithms based on ISFT, Chirp-Scaling and range-Doppler.
Because the frequency domain linearization used in (14) is accordant with the algorithms based on ISFT [16], here we just carry on simulations to discuss the spatial linearization made in (8).
According to the frequency scaling method using chirp signals [15,16], the scaling of [I.sub.RGM.sub.rg] ([f.sub.t]) can be corrected by ISFT.
An ISFT algorithm for dealing with the two-dimensional spatial variance in One-Stationary Bistatic SAR data was presented in this paper.
Range IRW (m) PSLR(dB) ISLR(dB) Target A 3.84 -12.72 -10.10 ISFT Target O 3.80 -13.32 -10.17 Target B 3.86 -12.80 -10.12 Target A 3.80 -13.30 -10.15 BP Target O 3.80 -13.32 -10.19 Target B 3.82 -13.31 -10.18 Azimuth IRW (m) PSLR(dB) ISLR(dB) Target A 1.52 -12.98 -10.13 ISFT Target O 1.53 -13.33 -10.22 Target B 1.58 -13.10 -10.15 Target A 1.51 -13.30 -10.25 BP Target O 1.52 -13.34 -10.19 Target B 1.56 -13.32 -10.20 Table 2.
For this new vanguard, rather than vilifying [??] isft 'wrong, wrongdoing, falsehood, chaos' any and all who are not anti-Afrikan/anti-Black are the collective target.
" We are satisfied that the whereabouts requirements set forth in the new ICC anti- doping rules are in line with WADA's ISFT, which is the framework for harmonised testing rules among antidoping organisations." Clarifying the complex- sounding procedure of testing further, Howman pointed out that both the global body of a sport and a national antidoping agency have been given certain rights to keep a check on doping.