ISGAInterim Self Governing Authority
ISGAInternational Sprout Growers Association (various locations)
ISGAInternational Sugar Glider Association
ISGAIrish Salmon Growers Association (Ireland)
ISGAInterim Self-Governing Administration
ISGAInternational Soybean Growers' Alliance
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CLNP 1.2%-BPO 3% gel provides superior efficacy to improve ISGA score and reduce inflammatory and total lesion counts compared with the individual active ingredients (CLNP 1.2% and BPO 3%) and vehicle.3
This information system of the trade inspectorate (isga) serves, Among other things, As a planning aid for revisions, For the processing of transactions and for reporting obligations (eg eu reports, Annual report).
The tender process was approved by the boards of ISGA and SSGL, the report said.
The primary efficacy endpoint at day 29 was an ISGA score of clear or almost clear skin plus at least two grades of improvement over baseline.
Consider, for instance, the resources, energy and experts spent on three international donor pledging conferences in Oslo, Washington D.C., and Tokyo, the legal drafts and re-drafts of an Interim Governing Authority (ISGA) for the north and east, the World Bank's NERF and P-TOMS.
The government expressed a desire that the LTTE restate its willingness to explore a federal solution to the conflict, and Colombo also requested that discussion of an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) be part of a comprehensive peace discussion and not a precondition of such negotiations.
(1) The factors determining the choice of the suffix variants are quite intricate: On the one hand, there are cases where not the stem vowel, but the stem as a whole seems to carry the sound harmony information, as in is 'work', which is [+back] although the stem vowel /i/ is ambiguous in this respect (hence suffixed forms like is'Zar, isga, et cetera).
The Indiana Soybean Growers Association (ISGA) recently announced that the Indiana House of Representatives' Environmental Affairs Committee approved earlier this month new legislation that requires state vehicles to use biodiesel "whenever possible."
''The first day that the talks begin on the basis of the ISGA will be the last day when the JVP will be in the government,'' Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna parliamentary group leader Wimal Weerawansa recently said.
The International Sprout Grower's Association (ISGA), a private trade group, has responsibly encouraged adherence among its members by allowing sprouters who use 20,000-ppm Ca[(OCl).sub.2] disinfection and pass a third-party production inspection to label their sprouts as ISGA-certified.
The EU executive has 15 months to carry out the investigation though the Executive Secretary of the Irish Salmon Growers' Associaton (ISGA), Rithie Flynn, hopes the case will be "wrapped up as soon as possible".The Irish and Scottish salmon farmers clubbed together and formed the European Salmon Producers Group and lodged the complaint with the Commission on June 3.
Department of Agriculture, and the International Sprout Growers Association (ISGA).