ISGEInternational Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy
ISGEInternational Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (Pisa, Italy)
ISGEIntegrated Scatter/Gather Engine
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Sunita Tandulwadkar gains access to a wide range of professional networking options with surgeons and experts across the globe, access to scientific videos, articles, journals and websites, as well as admission to a variety of training and education teaching programs, workshops and training courses organized by the ISGE.
Conceptus notes that the pivotal trial data presented at the ISGE are preliminary, unaudited, and not all data gathered by the Investigators has been reviewed.
Professor John Sciarra, President of the ISGE, delivered a paper focusing on the history of non-surgical methods for permanent contraception, including STOP.
Additional features of the INI-9100 include: an easi-install program, DOS/Windows drivers, ISGE Integrated Scatter/Gather Engine, SPEED Processor Processor Speed Based Performance, and SCSI II compliant tag queuing, Synch/Async transfers and Disconnect/Reselect arbitration.