ISGFIFN (Interferon)-Stimulated Gene Factor
ISGFInternational Scout and Guide Fellowship
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This marks the first office for ISGF in Washington State.
Founded in 1991, ISGF serves national clients in 48 states and was recently named to the Inc.
CONTACT: Bryan Driscoll, Business Manager and ISGF Media Relations,
Founded in 1991, ISGF specializes in Information Technology recruitment and staffing in 48 states.
Media Contact: Thomas Bryan, ISGF, 4074819580, tbryan@isgf.
CONTACT: Pia Kiebach, Human Resources Manager and ISGF Media Relations
According to Reji Kumar Pillai, ISGF President and CEO, "This agreement with the Wi-SUN Alliance will help us accelerate the deployment of physical communications' infrastructure that is standards-based, scalable, intelligent and interoperable for building smart grids and smart cities in India.
Under the agreement, Wi-SUN and ISGF will work together on compliance and interoperability programs as well as promote the benefits of certified, interoperable products to the utility industry, government and regulators.
About ISGF ISGF was set up in 2010 to provide a mechanism through which academia, industry, utilities and other stakeholders could participate in the development of smart grid systems in India and provide relevant inputs to the government's decision-making.