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establishment of objective criteria for the evaluation of immunostained cells: the European ISHAGE working group for Standardization of Tumor Cell Detection," Cytotherapy, vol.
(17,18) Keeney et al (11) adapted ISHAGE dual-platform guidelines for single-platform use, with favorable results.
Single platform flow cytometric absolute [CD34.sup.+] cell counts based on the ISHAGE guidelines; International Society of Hematotherapy and Graft Engineering.
The ISHAGE guidelines for [CD34.sup.+] cell determination by flow cytometry; International Society of Hematotherapy and Graft Engineering.
'When you leave the Ishage rock behind and continue your journey to see the Iyake Lake, you will climb some steps ahead, pass through a little bush path, then find yourself walking the rocky hill till you arrive at the hanging lake.
The diagnosis of positively tested patients for PSA positive CPCs was based according to the strict criteria defined by ISHAGE with internal positive and negative controls.
[CD34.sup.+] cell numbers were assessed by the double platform-based standard ISHAGE method (International Society of Hematotherapy and Graft Engineering).
Flow Cytometric Analysis of Fresh versus Thawed Cord Blood Applying Standard ISHAGE and Annexin V Protocols and Correlation with Colony-Forming Units.
To verify if this discrepancy between the ISHAGE and the Annexin V methods does affect the outcomes of colony-forming unit assays, cells were seeded in semiviscous methyl cellulose either after volume reduction (3.0 [micro]L/mL) or after thawing (3.5 [micro]L/mL; n = 10; mean concentration 76.6 [+ or -] 37.6 fresh and 83.8 [+ or -] 38.2 thawed [CD34.sup.+] cells/[micro]L).
O protocolo International Society of Hematotherapy and Graft Engineering (ISHAGE) foi utilizado na quantificacao de celulas-tronco CD[34.sup.+].
O protocolo utilizado para quantificacao de CD[34.sup.+] foi o ISHAGE, por ser um metodo simples, rapido e sensivel a citometria de fluxo (SUTHERLAND et al., 1996).