ISHCInternational Society of Hospitality Consultants
ISHCInternational Superheroes of Hardcore (band)
ISHCInternational Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (est. 1968)
ISHCInternational Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (conference)
ISHCIowa State Highway Commission
ISHCInternational Symposium on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service
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An analysis of pre-layoff earnings indicates that ISHC is not the only factor that determined wages in the semiconductor industry.
Karyotypes were determined according to ISHC (International System for Human Cytogenetic) nomenclature [10]: clonal aberration was accepted in the presence of at least two metaphases with the same structural change or the same chromosome gain, or at least three metaphases with deletion in the same chromosomes.
Victor Snieckus, FCIC, of the department of chemistry at Queen's University, has received the 2001 Heterocyclic Award from the International Society for Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC).
A RECENTLY COMPLETED STUDY BY THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF HOSPITALITY Consultants (ISHC), a group of approximately 100 of the industry's leading advisors, proves what many in the hotel business have known for years; the traditional 3 percent of gross revenue capital expenditure (CapEx) reserve is insufficient to keep a hotel competitive over its life span.
According to Patrick Ford, CCIM, ISHC, editor of TransActions and president of HMBA's New England office, National Hotel Realty Advisors of Portsmouth, NH, the outlook for hotel real estate investment is the most optimistic in years.
Belfrage, MAI, CRE, ISHC, is the managing director of Integra Realty Resources of Columbus, Ohio.
The greatest change in indicated specific hydrocarbon (iSHC) emissions is for side DI, with a minimum of 1.33 g/kWhr at SOI 330[degrees]CA BTDC to a maximum of 2g/kWhr at 120[degrees]CA BTDC.