ISHHIn Situ Hybridisation Histochemistry
ISHHInternational Society of Headfounders Headfamilies
ISHHInternational Society for Holistic Health (est. 2004)
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used the method of ISHH to detect the existence of Cdc25B in most organs of adult mouse, and the results indicated that lower level of Cdc25B were observed in the adrenal gland, kidney, liver and muscle.
The positive signals of ISHH observed in the present study were both in the cytoplasm and cell nucleus, which is strongly supported the concept in molecule morphologically that Cdc25B is presented during each stage of cell cycle and accumulates during the late S and early G2 phases of the cell cycle and its activity peaks at the G2/M transition, shuttling between the nucleus and the cytoplasm.
Percentages of cell devision cycle 25 mRNA-positive cells in the basilar part and midportion of crypt of lieberkuhn and middle and basilar portion of villi of small intestine in adult chickens Basilar part and midportion of crypt of lieberkuhn Haematoxylin and n Result of ISHH (1) eosin staining Percentage (%) 1 297 324 91.