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WHEN a film is titled Ishk Actually you obviously want some promise of romance.
ishk bhedi Of According to updated propaganda, it is a myth that the Fuhrer stormed out of the Olympic stadium after refusing to present Owens with his gold medal for winning the 100 metres.
Ishkthali (it is a combination of two Hindi words - Ishk means love and thali is a platter of food) has been created as a subsidiary of Janabiya-based boutique Ishkbibel which was started by Ritica during her stay in London in 2005.
Gk di'za 'she-goat', Grm Ziege 'she-goat', Wkh ti [lambda] 'goat call', Ishk dec 'goatskin bag' (M-A 229) and possibly the Phrg gloss attagos 'he-goat' (D-N 95) (N 137).
It also quoted an inflammatory alleged remark by George Ishk, the head of the Kefaya Movement, saying 30 June is "the day Islam ends.