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ISHOFInternational Swimming Hall of Fame
ISHOFInternational Snowmobile Hall of Fame
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ISHOF directors include a number of respected business leaders, nine-time Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz, and former UCLA All-American Swimmer Tod Spieker.
Since he was arraigned, most of the items have been returned," said Bob Duenkel, executive director of ISHOF.
ISHOF officials have been working with the Swerdlow Group, a Hollywood, Fla.
Sam Freas, ISHOF executive director, said the debt will be paid immediately following this month's board of directors' meeting.
After recent elections brought in new Pompano Beach commissioners, Swerdlow and ISHOF "renegotiated the contract in good faith," said Sam Freas, ISHOF president.
Even though I consider it unfair asking Sam to retire, we can now, with the leadership changes in Fort Lauderdale, have an opportunity to establish new relationships in both Daytona and Fort Lauderdale," said Trevor Tiffany, ISHOF board member.
The ISHOF would be built on 14 acres along the ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, part of the area in dispute.
I am saddened and dismayed that the conduct of the chief executive officer, Sam Freas, has brought ISHOF into continued disrepute and controversy through a pattern of deception that I am unable to control or mitigate," Neuburger wrote in his resignation letter.
Counsilman, founding president of the International Swimming Hall of Fame from 1965 to 1969, was inducted into ISHOF in 1976.
ISHOF officials have been working on a $192 million plan that would call for three 600-unit, 25-story condominiums on the beachfront south of the city's Main Street Pier, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.
Ongoing efforts to continue the work of ISHOF and ensure its longevity