ISHTIndian Standard Wide Flange Tee Bar (stell construction)
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Shih, T has isht. Al-nuhus, B has [al-.sup.[subset]]ukus.
According to the International Society for Heart Transplantation (ISHT) registry, 2,923 heart transplants were performed in 1995, as compared to only 190 in 1982 (Hosenpud et al., 1996).
ISHT data on actuarial survival associated with pediatric cardiac transplant since 1982 indicate a 1-year survival rate of approximately 73% and a 3-year survival rate of 66% (Hosenpud et al., 1996).
Using this technique on our sample phrase produces an anagram, such as "ekpe isht reetsc." A random permutation like this one (and the one that ends the heading of this section) requires more head scratching than using the same permutation technique for each word, but both types of permutation have seen application.