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ISICInternational Student Identity Card
ISICInternational Standard Industrial Classification
ISICInternational Symposium on Intelligent Control (IEEE)
ISICImmediate Superior In Command
ISICInformation Storage Industry Center
ISICInternational Standard Industry Code
iSICIntelligent Sensor Interface and Control
ISICImmediate Supervisor in Charge
ISICIterative Soft Interference Cancellation
ISICInternational Space Innovation Centre (UK)
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The agreement opens up new horizons for ISIC students in order to support the development of the national media landscape, he said.
This is a wonderful initiative from ISIC for supporting differently abled people.
To meet the need of this truly mobile-first generation, the ISIC Mobile ID app provides an easily accessible form of identification.
The ISIC student card costs Dh80, and students can either apply for the card online through ISIC.
It's a perfect position for us to launch the card with ISIC.
Collection and Distribution of Water in United Kingdom: ISIC 41
Alive Asia is the official licenced authority, appointed by ISIC Association, to issue, distribute, promote, and develop the ISIC Card in Pakistan.
We are confident that this partnership will give us the advantage to be the first financial institution in Pakistan to not only recognize the emerging needs of the youth but also be fully equipped to offer them countless customized student benefits and service options along with readily accessible funds, locally and internationally through the recognized ISIC global outreach program menu that has been built over 50 years of insights into this particular segment.
Commenting on the occasion of MOU signing ceremony, Wateen's CEO Naeem Zamindar said: "Wateen's partnership with the ISIC is part of our continuing commitment to the building the future educational and information network necessary for a knowledge based economy, the kind of economy that will drive Pakistan in terms of development and economic growth.
To get an ISIC card you need to be above 12 years of age and full-time student.
In order to test whether the positive relationship between job rotation and industry wage differential differs along ISIC classification, a dummy variable at ISIC 2 level, which inter-acts with the wage differential coefficient (the parameter of interest) is used (Table 3) (7).
Worried that his hand would bleed profusely if it was freed from the grinder, Pratap's colleagues carried him along with the machine to ISIC.