ISIEInternational Symposium on Industrial Electronics
ISIEInternational Society for Industrial Ecology
ISIEInternational Society for Imaging in the Eye (Rockville, MD)
ISIEInterdisciplinary Studies at the Interface of Education (University of Michigan)
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ISIE had decided to deploy 108 agents in 27 regional offices, 244 others in regional administrations, 391 local co-ordinators and 780 agents in charge of receiving applications, he told TAP on the phone.
The date proposed by the ISIE was confirmed by Prime Minister Habib Essid, he said, noting that the municipal elections are a crucial step for Tunisia in the next period.
The ISIE, the independent body for overseeing elections, was formed two months ago.
Lists of candidates of political parties, as well as independent candidates, must be handed in to regional commissions of the ISIE across the north African country, where autocratic president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted on January 14 after a popular uprising.
The ISIE Council will convene a meeting next week to consider the matter," he indicated.
Il est a rappeler que Kamel Morjene, president du parti Al Moubadara avait accuse ,dans une interview accordee a l'emission Chokran aala al Houdhour ' sur Al Wataniya 1, l'ancienne ISIE de Kamel Jendoubi, de fraude electorale, pour avoir refuse la liste de son parti a Ben Arous , en 2011, a sa tete Mongi Bhar au profit de Maya Jeribi secretaire generale du PDP a l'epoque qui avait ce faisant remporte le scrutin.
Regarding the announcement of the results of parliamentary by-elections for the Tunisians resident in Germany held late December, Bouasker said ISIE is waiting to be informed of Monday's ruling of the Administrative Court.
The election of ISIE members requires a broad consensus and a majority of at least two-thirds of MPs, i.
Il a reitere sa proposition de rehabiliter l'ancienne ISIE et ce jusqu'a l'entree effective des membres de la nouvelles instance, indiquant que l'ancienne ISIE se chargera de la mise a jour des fichiers des electeurs ,jusqu'a la passation qui doit se faire avec la nouvelle ISIE.
The ISIE states in a press release that application forms for appeals are available at the authority's regional sections.
Pas de reaction a cet article Kamel Jendoubi, president de l'ancienne ISIE a accorde a Africanmanager, une interview exclusive, dans laquelle il est revenu sur le rapport final de la cour des comptes, ses insuffisances et ses lacunes.
The lists will be posted in the ISIE premises and in municipal offices as well as on the site of the authority (www.