ISIFInformation Society Innovation Fund (grant program)
ISIFInternational Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics
ISIFInternational Society for Information Fusion
ISIFIndustrial Site Improvement Fund (Ohio)
ISIFIdaho State Insurance Fund (Boise, ID)
ISIFIndustrial Special Indemnity Fund (workers' compensation; Idaho)
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The ISIF 2019 is being held in Bali, Indonesia, between June 21 and 26.
The initiative entitled "Village Base Station-Connecting Communities through Mobile Networks" or VBTS-CoCoMoNets bested 236 other entries from 28 countries across Asia to grab the ISIF Asia Awards 2018, a program supporting creative internet solutions to development needs in the Asia Pacific to achieve positive social and economic development.
Ireland." (167) ISIF is managed and controlled by Ireland's
The ISIF will contribute EUR325 million towards the joint venture, making it the biggest single investment undertaken by the ISIF so far.
The ISIF will contribute EUR325m towards the joint venture, making it the biggest single investment undertaken by the ISIF so far.
ISIF.Asia ( provides grant funds to foster ICT innovation in Asia.
As a not-for-profit organization, DotAsia has helped launch 8 major community projects, including: OLPC.Asia, Relief.Asia, CreativeCommons.Asia, ISIF.Asia, NetMission.Asia, HKFilm100.Asia etc.
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In particular it isIf that belief proves false, and the US tips into recession, then there are those who see the dollar dropping further.
This is due to a 35% increase in the amount of revenue dedicated to the retirement of economic development and environmental bonds, and an additional $5 million earmarked for a new Industrial Site Improvement Fund (ISIF) grant program initiated by the Ohio Department of Development.
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