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ISIMIMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Subscriber Identity Module
ISIMInstitute for the Study of International Migration
ISIMIntegrated Science Instrument Module (James Webb Space Telescope)
ISIMInternational Society for Improvised Music (Ann Arbor, MI)
ISIMInternational Society of Internal Medicine (founded in 1948)
ISIMInternational Symposium on Induced Mutations in Plants (International Atomic Energy Agency)
ISIMInterlinking Statistical Information
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AdaMULTI, ISIM, EventAnalyzer, PathAnalyzer, CodeReplay, TimeMachine and SuperTrace are trademarks of Green Hills Software, Inc.
ISIM will house Webb's four main instruments, which will detect light from distant stars and galaxies, and planets orbiting other stars.
This science instrument must fit precisely into the ISIM, or Integrated Science Instrument Module (the black frame on the right to which they install the MIRI), so that it is installed exactly where it needs to be within the width of a thin human hair.
LTE also implements the ISIM already standardised in previous releases for authentication in IMS (IP Multimedia System) thus increasing security and access channels in a similar way to VPN connections.
The MT Tour is owned by ISIM Tour Limited, a shipper identified by the United States as an Iranian government front company set up to evade sanctions.
The Maltese-flagged tanker is owned by ISIM Tour Limited, identified by the US as a front company set up by Iran to evade sanctions.
The ship, owned by ISIM Tour Ltd, had been held up by Egyptian authorities for five days for not paying passage fees through the canal, which guarantees a right of passage to all ships during war and peacetime.
Oprisan, Ana, and George Grigore (1999), "The Muslim Gypsies in Romania" in ISIM Newsletter 8.
The results show that reducing the HC as described above, resulted in an ISIM proposed model which was very similar to the measured post-retrofit model.
He was formerly an Affiliated Professor at Universitas Muhamadiyyah Surakarta and Visiting Professor at Sunan Kalijaga Islamic University, Jogjakarta, and has worked at the Zentrum Moderner Orient (Berlin), Sciences-Po Paris and the Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World ISIM (Leiden).
Important questions regarding faith-based arbitration were thus ignored, and with it the possibility to improve gender equality (The Shariah debate in Ontario, ISIM Review 18, 2006, 50).
Economically welding in a healthy way, Proceedings of The 7 South-East European Welding Congress, ISIM Timisoara, IIW/IIS, Romania, pg.