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ISIMIMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Subscriber Identity Module
ISIMInstitute for the Study of International Migration
ISIMIntegrated Science Instrument Module (James Webb Space Telescope)
ISIMInternational Society for Improvised Music (Ann Arbor, MI)
ISIMInternational Society of Internal Medicine (founded in 1948)
ISIMInternational Symposium on Induced Mutations in Plants (International Atomic Energy Agency)
ISIMInterlinking Statistical Information
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25) Oprisan Ana, George Grigore, "The Muslim Gypsies in Romania", Regional Issues/Eastern Europe, ISIM NEWSLETTER 8 / 0 1, (1999): 32.
has developed a companion product called TGUD (Tangentia Governance for Unstructured Data) which integrates STEALTHbits' unstructured data entitlement store to ISIM.
Important questions regarding faith-based arbitration were thus ignored, and with it the possibility to improve gender equality (The Shariah debate in Ontario, ISIM Review 18, 2006, 50).
Economically welding in a healthy way, Proceedings of The 7 South-East European Welding Congress, ISIM Timisoara, IIW/IIS, Romania, pg.
The 2007 ISIM paper notes that employers have different propensities to hire unauthorized workers, and describes a category of employers that "knowingly hire[s] unauthorized workers to exploit their labor.
22) An example of this strategic and creative use of religion is the conversion of Filipina domestic helpers in Hong Kong from Christianity to Islam because of their exposure to the multiple religious traditions there, the stifling Filipino Christian traditions and norms, and romantic involvement and intermarriage with Pakistani men, then their reverting to Christianity when Islam is found to be less able to mitigate their oppression; see Sithi Hawwa, "Religious Conversion of Filipino Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong," ISIM Newsletter 4 (1999) 10, http://www.
A*Asef Bayat, is academic director of the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) and ISIM Professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands.
See the excellent contributions in ISIM Newsletter 3 (1999) by Gaborieau and ISIM Newsletter 13 (2003) by Yoginder Sikand, on the political nature of the Tabligh Jamaat.
Paper presented at the ISIM workshop on "The Madrasa in Asia", 23-24 May.
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