ISIPSInterdisciplinary Studies in Information Privacy and Security (New Brunswick, NJ)
ISIPSInternational Sharps Injury Prevention Society (South Jordan, UT)
ISIPSInternational Securities Industry Practitioners Symposium
ISIPSInvasive Species in Puget Sound (Washington)
ISIPSInformation Services Integrated Publishing System
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ISIPS will act as a global clearinghouse for information on sharps injuries and preventive legislation.
A number of very worthy individuals were nominated for the ISIPS 2005 International Sharps Injury Prevention Awards.
APIC conference attendees can obtain additional information at the ISIPS booth, 437, located between the booths of Managing Infection Control and Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
Another section of the website provides links to the free ISIPS Newsletter that is sent electronically to an ever-growing list of clinicians from around the world.
For information about the Sharps Injury Prevention Award or ISIPS, call 801-280-8797, email info@isips.
The goal of ISIPS is to raise awareness of the dangers to health professional and patients through needle stick injuries and solutions now available to reduce hospital-setting risks.
We are pleased that this broad coalition of companies have joined with us in reducing sharps injuries," said Ron Stoker, Executive Director of ISIPS.
The month-long commemoration will take the form of educational articles, a mini-poster with sharps safety information, and a variety of activities by ISIPS corporate members.
ISIPS is an international group of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, health organizations, healthcare professionals, medical waste disposal experts and others joining forces to provide education, information, and product knowledge that help reduce the number of sharps injuries that occur each year.
ISIPS is committed to provide education about the variety of sharps safety products and services that are currently available to reduce this global challenge.