ISIRInstitut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (Paris, France)
ISIRInstitutional Student Information Report
ISIRInternational Society for Intelligence Research
ISIRInitial Sample Inspection Report
ISIRInternational Society for Inventory Research (Budapest, Hungary)
ISIRInternational Society for Impotence Research
ISIRIntegrated System of Information Resources
ISIRIn Service In Reserve
ISIRItems of Special Interest Reporting
ISIRInduction-Start Induction-Run (motors)
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Teacher implementation of ISIR has included varying levels of student choice.
ATEC has rich experience conducting SoS evaluations, including the recent evaluation of an Army suite of aerial ISIR systems (an SOS).
He said the plan is to turn ISIR from a "sporadic publication" into a "monthly and then into a biweekly publication.
File review services: includes Federal Verification, ISIR review, packaging and awarding financial aid, loan certification, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP} review, and Professional Judgment (PJ).
ISIR certifies that Simpson holds all critical part tolerances to 1.
Eight appendixes contain: 2003-2004 Application & Delivery System Changes; ISIR Comment Codes and Text, Match Flags, Reject Codes; Job & Learning Aids; Required School Reporting; 2003-2004 Award Year Calendar of Events for Financial Aid; Glossary; Acronyms List; and Answer Keys.
The ability for school users to delete ISIR records, either individually or in batch.
One big change--notifying students about incorrect information on the ISIR (institutional student information record) generated from the FASFA--has gone from taking 27 days to six hours.
We began to automate data exchange several years ago first with Pell and Direct Loan COD data exchange, then with ISIR processing more recently.
While the software is designed for ISIR verification and resolution of C-codes and reject codes, it can be used as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with CampusLogic's financial aid verification outsourcing services.
As a first step in establishing the partnership, LS Publications has acquired Launchspace Magazine, ISIR, and launchspace.
I may be somewhat naive, but these words are as foreign to my colleagues as FAFSA, ISIR, SAR, and EFC are to the parents and students we assist.