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ISISInstitute for Software Integrated Systems
ISISInstitute for Science and International Security
ISISIntermediate System to Intermediate System
ISISImage and Scanner Interface Specification
ISISInternet Shopping Is Safe
ISISInternational Security Information Service
ISISIntegrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers (planetary mission graphics)
ISISInternational Spinal Injection Society (now International Spinal Intervention Society)
ISISImaging Science and Information Systems (Center; Department of Radiology, Georgetown University Medical Center)
ISISIntegrated Standby Instrument System
ISISInstitute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (Amherst, NY)
ISISInstitute for Systems, Informatics, and Safety
ISISIndustrial Signature Interoperability Specification (Germany)
ISISInternational Species Inventory System
ISISInternational Society on Infant Studies
ISISInfinitely Scalable Intelligent Storage
ISISInternational Satellites for Ionospheric Studies
ISISInternational Spinal Intervention Society (formerly International Spinal Injection Society)
ISISImage, Speech, and Intelligent Systems Research Group (University of Southampton)
ISISIntegrated Staff Information System
ISISInternet Student Information System
ISISInternational School of Information Science
ISISInnovative Systems in Silicon (International Conference)
ISISInner Space Interactive Sourcing
ISISIn-situ Storage Image Sensor
ISISInformation Society Initiatives in Standardization (IEEE)
ISISImage Selected in Vivo Spectroscopy
ISISInteractive Sound Information System
ISISInvestigative Support Information System
ISISInteractive Satellite Image Server
ISISInteractive Sound Integration System (PC multichannel sound board)
ISISInternational Superconductivity Industry Summit
ISISIntegriertes Statistisches Informationssystem (Vienna, Austria)
ISISImplementation of the Single European Sky in South East Europe
ISISInternational Splined Interface Standard (bicycle crank and bottom bracket interface)
ISISIntelligent Searching of Images and Signals
ISISIowa Student Information System (University of Iowa)
ISISIndustry Support Information Services
ISISIsochronal Scheduled Inspection System
ISISIntegrated Security and Identification System
ISISIndependent School Information Service
ISISIntegrated Ship Information System
ISISInstitute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Studies
ISISIntegrated Signals Intelligence System
ISISIntegrated Standards Information System
ISISInteractive Student Information Service
ISISIntegrated Safeguards Information System
ISISInternational Science Information Service
ISISItalian Silicon Sphere
ISISIntegrated Shipboard Information Systems
ISISInflatable Shield in Space
ISISInformation Superhighway in Space
ISISImages & Scanners Interface Standard
ISISIntegrated Stored Information System
ISISInternational Satellite for Ionospheric Study
ISISInteroperability and Standardization of Information Systems
ISISIntegrated Strike & Interceptor System
ISISIntegrated Systems for Installation Support
ISISInteractive Scientific Information System
ISISInterchangeability/Substitutability Information System
ISISInspection & Safety Information System
ISISInformation Systems and Infrastructure Services (MITRE)
ISISIntermediate System to Intermediate System (OSI-compliant routing protocol)
ISISInternational Species Information System
ISISInternational Study of Infarct Survival
ISISIn-Situ and Satellite Information System (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
ISISIllinois Student Information System (software)
ISISIntelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures (civil engineering)
ISISIntegrated Submarine Imaging System (US Navy)
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However, if GSK elects to exercise its option to exclusively license the ISIS-TTRRx programme, Isis is eligible a license fee, regulatory and sales milestone payments and double-digit royalties on sales of ISIS-TTRRx.
Isis Pharma will receive license and regulatory fees, sales milestone payments and double-digit royalties on ISIS-TTR net sales, if Glaxo exercises this option.
As part of the agreement, Isis will develop ISIS-GSK3Rx to Phase 2 proof-of-concept, after which GSK has an exclusive option to in-license the programme and further develop and commercialise the asset.
We've listened to our customers and developed Thermal TRACK 5 to meet their need for a portable and convenient thermal process optimization tool to work in the tight confines of their fabs," said James Pascale, SensArray customer commitment advisor for ISIS 5 systems.
iSis is available in two sizes, a standard version for A4+ or letter size and an XL version for A3+ or tabloid charts.
About Isis Intellectual Property (IP) Licensed to Alnylam for RNAi Therapeutics
What: Isis Pharmaceuticals' Ibis Division Analyst Day Webcast.
Michael Treble, President of the Ibis Biosciences division and Vice President of Isis Pharmaceuticals, commented, "We're excited about the European introduction of the Ibis T5000 biosensor system, which has the potential to revolutionize infectious microorganism detection.
0 of Avid Unity ISIS comes equipped with storage capacity of up to 64 terabytes (TB) per system, with the ability to link multiple Avid ISIS Engines to one another; connectivity of up to 100 clients working in real-time over standard Gigabit Ethernet; native compatibility with leading Ethernet switching technologies, such as best-in-class products from Cisco Systems; and the flexibility to hot-swap any storage component - even in the midst of data transfer - to ensure uninterrupted access to information for all users within a facility.
Although Isis' forward-looking statements reflect the good faith judgment of its management, these statements are based only on facts and factors currently known by Isis.
ISIS technology is the industry standard interface for production scanning and enables QuickScan Pro to be the only document capture solution in its price category that supports the MultiStream (delivery of both binary and color versions of an image in a single scan) and endorser functions of the i30 and i40 scanners.