ISITEInformation System on Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO)
ISITEIntegrated Self-Instructive Test Equipment
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Enterprise integration was of the utmost importance when the UHealth system unified its hospital network on Philips' iSite PACS version 3.6, and because it has plans to adopt Philips' Intellispace PACS 4.4 next year.
"Following that we have plans to bring the iSite platform up-to-date, increase its functionality and add further value to build on its existing reputation to make it even better."
In smaller community hospitals, Infinitt's PACS was ranked number one (89.9), followed by Philips' iSite PACS (88.4), and McKesson's Horizon Medical Imaging (87.6).
Baptist Health further maximizes efficiencies by utilizing the offsite data storage available through the Philips iSite PACS solution which accelerates image access, incorporates clinical applications with proven advanced clinical decision-support solutions, provides back-up studies for disaster-recovery purposes and prevents any unnecessary downtime--even as demand for imaging services grows over multiple work sites, including freestanding independent clinical partners.
Tawam Hospital becomes regional showcase for Philips' iSite PACS
iSite offers the following features: ability to provide key operations measurements so corrective action can be quicker; predictive analyses of service-quality processes, allowing work-management adjustments to improve service delivery in real time; analysis tools that identify root causes of problems with service-level maintenance in customer-service processes; access to details of individual customer-account status so executives or technicians can address a customer's service issue; as well as work-list management tools to improve field personnel efficiency.
Tawam Hospital, the Middle East's leading medical institution in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, and Royal Philips Electronics, is celebrated the 'go-live' of the hospital's new iSite Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).
The company's iSite Solution Suite of products helps maximize equipment utilization, minimize downtime, improve service life by monitoring operating condition and optimizing maintenance schedules, as well as raise resale values.
Cisco Connected Imaging aligned with Philips iSite Picture Archive & Communication System (PACS) on the Valley Radiologists imaging solution.
The core components of MetroGIS's DataFinder Web site are the catalog, which uses FTP utility, the ISITE product distributed by the FGDC, and ESRI's ArcIMS.