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ISJIdaho State Journal (magazine)
ISJInspectoratul Scolar Judetean (Romanian: County School Inspectorate)
ISJInside Joke (internet chat)
ISJInvestor Services Journal
ISJIchthyological Society of Japan (research organization; Tokyo, Japan)
ISJInternet Science Journal
ISJInformation System Journal
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The early dislocation of the ISJ and removal of the stapes suprastructure (SSS) leads to a more vulnerable footplate and incus to further surgical manipulations.
With the acquisition of ISUS and ISJ, Fujifilm said it will now be able to provide a broad product portfolio from biopharmaceuticals to in vitro fertilization and cell therapy, strengthening its global business in addition to expanding domestic business through strong sales network in Japan.
Through the merger of Fujifilm Group's bio-medical-related technologies with the cell culture media technologies and products of ISUS and ISJ, the former will expand the contact development and manufacturing business for biopharmaceuticals and reagent business as well as accelerate R&D in regenerative medicine.
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Therefore, at a national level, the intervention measures and the prevention of child traffic into begging are provided by different institutions such as: National Agency against Human Trafficking (ANITP), Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (DCCO), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection (DGASPC), School Inspectorate (ISJ), Child Protection Division (DPC) and various Non-Governmental organizations (NGO's).
The parameters used to analyze the structure of bird communities were: Richness (S), Abundance (N), Density Index (ID--individuals / hour), Shannon-Wienner (H'), Equidistribution (E), and Jaccard similarity index (ISJ).
[6.] Martina ISJ, Van KR, Schimitz PIM, Vander MF, Van DPA.
to page isj organized by the British and equipped primarily with English small arms including Enfield, Webley and S&W revolvers.
ISLAMABAD -- The Institute for Social Justice (ISJ), Saturday, said that death of ten years old Erum- a child domestic worker (CDW)- by her employer in Lahore in the first week of 2014 was a harsh reminder to society and government.
UPSTAGED JAngelina All the stars were there - Robert DeNiro, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith et al - iSj -tm( for the glittering event in St Mark's Square.
ISJ website, June 24, 2008,