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ISKIcelandic Króna (currency code)
ISKInternational School of Kenya
ISKIso Suomen Kielioppi (book of Finnish grammar)
ISKInter Stellar Kredit (Eve Online currency)
ISKIrritated Seborrheic Keratosis
ISKInstruction Space Key
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ISK has now commissioned Clean TeQ to build and supply a $650,000 pilot plant, which will be operated at the Yokkaichi plant in Japan.
Hundreds of thousands of players, each piloting his own virtual spaceship, build, mine, buy, sell, and steal in a currency known as Interstellar Kredits, or ISK (the same as the symbol for the Icelandic krona).
Clockwise, from back left: Ariane Jones, CLA; Gary Eilrich, ISK Biosciences; Bill Kuckuck, CLA; Jack Boyne, Bayer CropScience; Nell DeStefano, FMC; Linda Frerichs, Arysta LifeScience; Susan Helmick, CLA; Rex Runyon, CLA; and Scott Rawlins, MANA.
Fees and commissions increased by 119% in Q3 and amounted to ISK 10.
Women who are tested positive for Her2, a protein present in some tumours, are sometimes more at isk of their tumour recurring.
If this judicial judgment cannot be overturned we will find that, yet again, the Government's incompetence has put the liberty and safety of our citizens at r isk.
Die Darbietungen uber Pro-Worter sind in ISK etwas anders geartet.
The researchers,KatjaTaxis of the University of Tubingen in Germany and Nick Barber of the University of London, s aid: ``Intravenous drug errors are a potential source of serious harmfor patients and r isk reduction s trategies should bedeveloped accordingly.
Therefore, disk pricing must be determined for a working and functional disk subsystem that includes the controller and hard d isk drives rather than just a single component of the subsystem.
In May 1999, William Girvin, former president of ISK Magnetics, pleaded guilty to participation in the conspiracy, the department said.
The player has a year left on his contract in France but Monaco would rather sell now rather than r isk losing the player for nothing next year.
Without drug treatment, such young people face an extremely high r isk of heart attack, Cleeman notes.