ISKMInternet Starter Kit for Macintosh
ISKMInternet Starter Kit for Macintosh (Apple)
ISKMIntegrated Systems for Knowledge Management
ISKMInternational Symposium on Knowledge Management
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The Integrated Systems for Knowledge Management (ISKM) process was developed to meet the requirements outlined above (Bosch et al., 1996a; Allen et al., 1998).
The ISKM process recognizes this, and has been designed so that the first `finding out' phase forms the basis for an ongoing process of adaptive management, critical evaluation and feedback (Bosch et al., 1996a)--that is, taking action to improve the situation and learning by doing (Walters and Holling, 1990).
The various steps of the ISKM approach particularly improved co-learning, valuing of local knowledge, relevance of research, and the management, ownership and access of useable knowledge.