ISKNinformacný systém katastra nehnutelností
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The ISKN will contain geographical data and official maps as well as survey data, property attributes, and fund documentation.
The Czech Republic's ISKN is a key part of the country's reform process that includes restitution and restoration of property titles annulled under communism, as well as recording new ownership through privatization," explains Jiri Kratky, executive vice president, Bentley Central & Eastern Europe.
He continues, "This creates a single geoengineering information system and supports the comprehensive needs of ISKN.
BeSpoon, ISKN, Kalray and Kolor will exhibit on the French Pavilion of the Eureka Park area, Movea will have a booth in the South Hall, and Alpwise will demonstrate its innovation together with EM MicroElectronics in the South Hall.
The cooperation between CUZK and Ness will result in a centralized ISKN version, ISKN 2008, providing another outstanding enhancement of quality and extension of services offered to citizens, entrepreneurs and public authorities.
We want ISKN 2008 to be one of the key systems supporting electronic communication in the public administration enabling it to respond flexibly to the new requirements of e-government, and to create support for changes we want to execute.