ISLDInternational School Library Day (est. 1999)
ISLDInter-Service Liaison Department (US Navy)
ISLDIsland ECN, Inc. (stock symbol)
ISLDIdaho State Liquor Dispensary (Boise, ID)
ISLDInternational Society for Lasers in Dentistry
ISLDInter-Stimulus Level Difference (auditory medicine)
ISLDInstitute for the Study of Learning Difficulties (Australia)
ISLDInteraural Sensation Level Difference (auditory medicine)
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Effective training in responsible service, associate on-boarding and continuing education is essential in fulfilling the mission of the Idaho State Liquor Division," says ISLD Director Jeffrey R.
All ISLD employees can access the schedule through When I Work.
Caption: The ISLD provides online educational resources to retail employees.
ISLD is almost like a public holiday in my school with regular classes suspended and everyone taking part in a special assembly, a costume parade and then a rotation of literature-based activities.
Each year, the ISLD committee has introduced a different way of connecting teacher-librarians on a personal level, starting with the e-mail-around-the-world project, now maintained by Cherie Sherley.
The ISLD generated over $60 million for the state in 2013.
As store leases end, the ISLD looks for better locations.
The ISLD is also continually upgrading the look of its stores as opportunities arise, with finishes such as polished-concrete floors and more sophisticated lighting.
The ISLD handles the distribution and retailing of distilled spirits in the state.
The ISLD operates 66 such stores that are leased from local landlords, located throughout the state, and oversees 97 private-sector contract operators, retailers who also handle distilled spirit sales for the ISLD, usually located in smaller communities where a state store isn't feasible.
Every year, the ISLD holds a two-day meeting of all its state-store managers, usually in Boise.
One change he made to the ISLD as superintendent is to involve store managers in the "listing' process, deciding what products the stores and agencies should carry.