ISLLCInterstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (Council of Chief State School Officers)
ISLLCIowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation (Des Moines, IA)
ISLLCInterstate Leaders' Licensure Consortium
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In the ISLLC standards, for example, issues related to ethics, equity, and culturally responsive schooling were grouped together under a single heading.
The focus edition begins with the article "The Leadership Challenge: Preparing and Developing Catholic School Principals," which presents a case for using a combination of the NSBECS and the ISLLC standards to guide the preparation and development of principals.
Specialization programs seeking Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) approval must align programmatic components with a set of national standards; the ISLLC Standards are one of two national standard sets that meet this requirement.
The purpose of this article was to examine principal interns' pre and post self-assessment of their effectiveness on the ISLLC standards.
Twale and Ridenour (2003) note that the charisms present in Catholic university principal preparation programs can easily be consistent with the ISLLC standards.
Practicing the art of leadership: A problem-based approach to implementing the ISLLC standards.
The problems are made clear by the ISLLC School Leaders Licensure Assessment, which several states now use to assess the competence of candidates for principalships.
I was lucky that my first principal was open to discussing issues of social justice and committed to meeting the needs of all students--far earlier than the 2008 ISLLC Standards.
charged the contributors of the 12 chapters presented here with thinking about competencies for charter school leadership that go beyond the standards of the ISLLC.
The ISLLC [Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium] Policy Standards (2008) uphold the importance of inquiry in leading school improvement.