ISLMIntegrated Services Line Module
ISLMIntegrated Sustainable Land Management (partnership; Namibia)
ISLMIntegrating Sound Level Meter (noise)
ISLMIpsilateral Supraclavicular Lymph-Nodes Metastases (oncology)
ISLMIntegrated Sea Lice Management (UK)
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ISLM will give investment professionals the edge they need to make informed decisions and meet the increasing demands of investors and regulators.
This spreadsheet uses the ISLM model from Hall and Taylor's Macroeconomics.
Long-run empirical models can discriminate between a simple Keynesian cross and a monetarist approach, but they cannot discriminate between a monetarist and a standard IS-LM model because the monetary equation is the LM schedule in an ISLM model.
Juselius (1990) Identification of the Long-run and the Short-run Structure: An Application to the ISLM model.
Donihue, "The ISLM Cases in Three Econometric Models," Chapter 4 in Lawrence R.
This shift is determined by the ISLM multiplier in standard macro models.
Equation (1) is the familiar aggregate demand function which is obtained from the following ISLM framework:
added the MV = PY equation of exchange to Hick's ISLM model [1937
Bloomberg's ISLM platform has extensive resources for investing in fixed income, equities and money markets that comply with Shariah including more than 1,500 Islamic bond issues, over 35,000 Shariah-compliant stocks and details on more than 250 Shariah scholars.
For more information on Bloomberg's Islamic Finance Platform go to ISLM <GO> on the Bloomberg Professional[R] service or, in Malaysia, call customer service at + 603 2302 7800 or Ziyan Zarook at + 65 6311 2420, zzarook1@bloomberg.