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ISMAInternational Securities Market Association
ISMAIdle Sense Multiple Access
ISMAInternet Streaming Media Alliance
ISMAInternational Sports Medicine Association
ISMAInhibit Sense Multiple Access (Transmission Protocol)
ISMAInternational Ship Managers Association
ISMAInternational Symposium on Mechatronics and its Applications (IEEE)
ISMAInternational Snowmobile Manufacturer's Association
ISMAInternational Ship Masters' Association
ISMAISC Management Activity
ISMAInsurance Marketplace Standards Association
ISMAImproved Satellite Multi-Channel Antenna
ISMAInformation Systems Management Activity/Agency
ISMAIntegrated Service Management Architecture (Sprint)
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Network Appliance will launch its new membership by joining other ISMA participants at the alliance's first annual meeting on February 5 in New York to demonstrate interoperability among the ISMA member solutions.
ISMA's highly successful standards will gain additional visibility through the merger, and will continue to be widely available to the broader industry through the success and influence of MPEGIF," said Yuval Fisher, Chair of ISMA and CTO of RGB Networks.
With the sizeable non-member response to the 4,300 questionnaires that were sent, the results also can be seen as reflecting the IPTV market in general, according to Yuval Fisher, ISMA director and chief scientist at Envivio, Inc.
Considering that some sugar mills have closed their operations in the drought affected areas mostly in Maharashtra and Karnataka and field reports that sugarcane availability in these two states is lower than earlier expectations, ISMA decided to revise its estimates of sugar production for 2016-17 sugar season," the association said.
Sorting and treatment of bulky and rubble of the territory of the ISMA of the Chevreuse Valley.
An ISMA spokeswoman said: "This figure is shocking.
SAN FRANCISCO -- ISMA has opened a public review period for ISMACryp 2.
Supporting Organizations: Broadband Services Forum; Home Gateway Initiative; iHollywood Forum; ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance); JETRO; KNX Association; LonMark International; UHAPI Forum; Wi-Fi Technology Forum
The sugar industry is not only surprised but highly disappointed with the reduction in the rate of incentives for the period from April 1 to May 31, 2014," Abinash Verma, director general at Indian Sugar Mills Association or ISMA wrote in a letter to the food secretary.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Responding to the industry's need for fast IPTV channel changes, ISMA has begun work on a new specification addressing instantaneous and reliable channel tune-in and continues to solicit industry input on the topic.